Automatic control method of positively yarn-feeding polyethane flat machine

Application Number  00129346 Application Date  2000.11.22
Publication Number  1295145 Publication Date  2001.05.16
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Applicant(s) Name  Han Guangting  
Inventor(s) Name  Han Guangting;Liu Rongxing;Jiang Yikuan  
Patent Agency Code  11127 Patent Agent  lu xinmao
AbstractThe present invention relates to knitting technology and is used for adding naked polyethane yarn to T shirt collar in a flat machine. The automatic control method includes three steps of the measurement of yarn tension changing via a sensor and conversion into electric quality; the computer communication between measurement and control via A/D and D/A conversion of a data acquisition card; and the driving of stepped motor by the computer and via a V/F converter. It can result in constant yarn feeding tension and smooth fabric with clear grains and good hand feeling.