Base coat of photographic material

Application Number: 00108277
Application Date: 2000.05.05
Publication Number: 1273372
Publication Date: 2000.11.15
Priority Information: 1999/5/6 US 09/306160
International: G03C1/76;G03C1/85
Applicant(s) Name: Easman Kodak Co.
Inventor(s) Name: D. Mazzumuda;C. C. Andsen;r. A. Kassteller
Patent Agency Code: 72001
Patent Agent: tan mengsheng
Abstract The present invention is a photographic element including a substrate with a polyolefin resin layer, which is preferably polypropylene, on each surface of the substrate. At least one of these polyolefin surfaces is coated with an adhesion promoting primer layer having a dry coverage of from 0.5 mg/m2 to 1000 mg/m2, wherein the primer comprises an interpolymer of a primary amine addition salt.