Campylobacter vaccine

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Application Date: 2000.04.07
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Publication Date: 2000.10.18
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Abstract The present invention relates to vaccines comprising antiserum raised against a flagellaless Campylobacter strain for the prevention of Campylobacter colonisation in animals. The invention also relates to antigenic Campylobacter proteins visible in a Western blot of Campylobacter jejuni protein after incubation of said Western blot with antibodies against a flagellaless mutant of Campylobacter jejuni and not visible after incubation of said blot with antibodies against wild type Campylobacter jejuni, and to their use in vaccines and the manufacturing thereof. The invention further relates to vaccines comprising such proteins and antibodies against such proteins. The invention further relates to the use of such Campylobacter proteins and to antiserum and antibodies raised against Campylobacter antigens for the preparation of vaccines. Finally, the invention relates to methods for the preparation of such vaccines.