Catalyst and process for aminating C2-C8 emtrol

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Application Date: 2000.04.06
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Abstract A catalyst for aminating C2-C8 emtrol is composed of carrier which is a composition of silicon (or aluminium) oxide, calcium carbonate and calcium oxide, and active component which may be Ni (15-40 wt.%), Co (15-30 wt.%), or Ni plus Co (30-40 Wt.%) with the ratio of 1:(0.3-3) for Ni to Co. Said carrier and catalyst are prepared by co-deposition method. After reduction, the catalyst is used for amination under conditions of 170-225 deg.C, 1.5-2.0 MPa, alcohol space speed is 0.15-0.4/hr, and the mole ratio of 1 (alcohol):(2-8)(ammonia):(10-40) (hydrogen).