Colloidal diesel oil and its prepn

Application Number: 00110695
Application Date: 2000.07.20
Publication Number: 1335376
Publication Date: 2002.02.13
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International: C10L1/32
Applicant(s) Name: China Petrochemical Group Corp.
Inventor(s) Name: Wang Dingcong;Li Yanbin
Patent Agency Code: 21102
Patent Agent: li wei
Abstract The present invention relates to one kind of water adding diesel oil. The extremely stable colloidal diesel oil has emulsifier with C4 and C5 olefine as basic material as well as nitrogen and sulfur trapping agent, cetane number raising agent and other assistant. The low cost and wide material source of the emulsifier makes the diesel oil low in cost. The colloidal diesel oil has the effects of saving power and reduced environmental pollution.