Composite nanometer montmorillonoid-polyolefine material and its prepn.

Application Number: 00107654
Application Date: 2000.05.24
Publication Number: 1324886
Publication Date: 2001.12.05
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International: C08K3/34;C08L23/00
Applicant(s) Name: Inst. of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Inventor(s) Name: Xu Demin;Hu Youliang;Liu Zhongyang
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Abstract The present invention relates to a montmorillonite nanometer composite polyolefine material, and is characterized by that the flake layer portion of montmorillonite or completely-decomposed montmorillonite can be uniformly dispersed in the polyolefine, the weight ratio of montmorillonite and polyolefine is 1:4-1:99, the montmorillonite adopted by this invention is H-montmorillonite, Na-montmorillonite, Mg-montmorillonite or Ca-montmorillonite, and the polyolefine is polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene. Its synthesis method is simple, and is favorable for industrial production, can be used for stereo-oriented polymerization of alpha-olefine, and in the obtained montmorillonite nanometer composite polyolefine material, the polyolefine possesses high degree of stereoorientation.