Compound capsule for treating hyperosteogeny and rheumatism and its preparing process

Application Number  00129143 Application Date  2000.09.30
Publication Number  1304747 Publication Date  2001.07.25
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Applicant(s) Name  Cao Dexin  
Inventor(s) Name  Cao Dexin  
Patent Agency Code  13103 Patent Agent  zhang yunhe
AbstractA compound capsule integrating Chinese medicine with Western medicine for treating hyperosteogeny and rheumatism is prepared from sulindac and 8 Chinese-medicinal materials including pangolin scales, Chuan aconite root, white peony root, ground beetle, etc. through baking, crushing, grinding, sieving, and mixing with sulindac. Its advantages include low dosage, high cure rate, quick effect, short course of treatment and no toxic by-effect.