Compound wrinkle-eliminating beverage and its preparation method

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Application Date: 2000.05.02
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Publication Date: 2001.11.14
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Applicant(s) Name: Chen Jianghui
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Abstract The beverage capable of eliminating female facial wrinkle is made up by adopting the following processes. pulverizing 8 Chinese medicinal materials of black sesame, lily bulb, cornus fruit, black soybean, flowery knotweed root and others together to obtain a powder, decocting it in a container for twice, combining two decoctions, filtering and adding brown sugar, concentrating to 1000 ml and adding small proper quantities of edible essence and preservative, packagign in container, sealing and disinfecting by using high-pressure steam so as to obtain the invented product without toxic side-effect and with good senility-resisting and wrinkle-resisting effects.