Compound wrinkle eliminating ointment and its preparation

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Application Date: 2000.04.20
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Publication Date: 2001.10.24
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International: A61K7/48;A61K35/78;A61P17/16
Applicant(s) Name: Chen Jianghui
Inventor(s) Name: Chen Jianghui
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Abstract Compound wrinkle eliminating ointment as one external-use medicine for eliminating wrinkles of women's face is prepared with peach kernel, Chinese angelica red sage, Astragalus membranaceus, Rehmannia glutinosa, Rhizoma typhonii, ginseng, notoginseng, Radix Ophiopogonis, Radix Angelica Dahurica and preservative. During its preparation, the first mentioned eight Chinese medicinal materials are stoved, crushed and thrice decocted, the merged decoction is filtered, concentrated, and mixed with Radix Ophiopogonis, Radix Angelica Dahurica and preservative to ointment and the ointment is packed. It has good wrinkle eliminating effect.