Container for beverage

Application Number  00129002 Application Date  2000.09.26
Publication Number  1325815 Publication Date  2001.12.12
Priority Information   2000/5/25 KR 28415/2000  
Applicant(s) Name  Kim Yong-Kwon  
Inventor(s) Name  Kim Yong-Kwon  
Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  yi yongmei
AbstractA beverage container is disclosed. The beverage container includes a container body for containing carbonated beverage. A pumping lid assembly for selectively opening and closing the container body is inserted into the opening of the container body. The pumping lid assembly includes an extension cylinder engaged at its lower portion with the upper end portion of the container body. A pump housing is rotatably mounted in the interior of the upper portion of the extension cylinder. A plunger assembly is fitted into the central portion of the pump housing, and designed to pressurize air in the interior of the container body while being moved downward, to suck exterior air from the outside while being moved upward, and to rotate together with the pump housing and align the first and second beverage outlets so as to enable the discharge of carbonated beverage from the container body when being rotated. A beverage guide member is fixed to the interior of the extension cylinder, extended to the interior of the container body, and provided at its sidewall with an air outlet.