Control device of automatic speed variator

Application Number: 00108587
Application Date: 2000.05.18
Publication Number: 1324737
Publication Date: 2001.12.05
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International: F16H61/02;F16H61/12;B60K41/22
Applicant(s) Name: Honda Giken Kogyo K.K.
Inventor(s) Name: Ohashi Tatusyuki;Asatsuke Masashi;Wakamatsu Eiki
Patent Agency Code: 11038
Patent Agent: chen jian
Abstract The variable speed control equipment of automatic speed changing machine formed from forward and backward selective hydraulic servomechanism capable of actuating dogtooth clutch and several clutches possesses first-fifth on-off solenoid valves and first-third linear solenoid valves. It utilizes the pipeline pressure discharged by these valves to control the action of forward and backward selective hydraulic servomechanism and first-fifth speed changing valves, and control the action of every clutch. It also utilizes the hydraulic switch to detect the selected D drive range, and can detect the action instrution signal of the solenoid valve, if said action instruction signal is the signal of any state being in D drive range, said solenoid valve based on said action instruction signal can be acted.