Corrosion- and high-temp-resistant stainless steel and its application

Application Number: 00110254
Application Date: 2000.03.24
Publication Number: 1266910
Publication Date: 2000.09.20
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International: C22C38/18
Applicant(s) Name: Yi Jiabiao
Inventor(s) Name: Yi Jiabiao
Patent Agency Code: 21204
Patent Agent: zhang qun
Abstract A corrosion- and high-temp.-resistant stainless steel contains Cr (12-25), Si (0.9-1.5), Al (0.7-1.7), C (0.025-0.03), N (0.01-0.015), Mn (0.04-0.06), S (0.03-0.035), P (0.02-0.25) and Fe (the rest). Its advantages are high yield strength, low ductility, high heat conductivity and low thermal expansibility.