Cranshaft bearing structure

Application Number: 00108771
Application Date: 2000.06.02
Publication Number: 1276490
Publication Date: 2000.12.13
Priority Information: 1999/6/4 JP 157426/1999
International: F16C9/02;F16C19/10
Applicant(s) Name: Honda Giken Kogyo K. K.
Inventor(s) Name: Sekitani Yoshiyuki
Patent Agency Code: 11038
Patent Agent: chen jian
Abstract To suppress looseness of a bearing, improve durability, and suppress dispersion of transmission of vibration noise by positioning an axial direction of a crankshaft so as to assemble an inner wheel of a bearing with the crankshaft, and assemble an outer wheel with a crankcase. An engine is provided with two engine blocks 32, 33 divided at a split surface 30 along a crankshaft 31. The crankshaft 31 is rotatably supported to a crankcase 29 through a ball bearing 84 disposed on a position where a crank pin 28 is held. A plurality of balls 87 is interposed between an outer wheel 85 and an inner wheel 86, in the ball bearing 84. In this case, the inner wheel 86 is assembled with the crankshaft 31 by setting a position along an axial direction of the crankshaft 31. A restrict member 94 is engaged with an engaging groove 92, a position along an axial direction of the crankshaft 31 is set, and thereby, the outer wheel 84 is held between a crankcase half part 322 and an engine block 33.