Cutting tool for making circuit substrate with flat bottom surface and concave cups

Application Number  00128446 Application Date  2000.11.23
Publication Number  1355078 Publication Date  2002.06.26
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Applicant(s) Name  Li Zhishu  
Inventor(s) Name  Li Zhishu;Wang Wenrong  
Patent Agency Code  11105 Patent Agent  he xiumeng
AbstractA cutting tool for manufacturing the circuit baseplate with flat-bottom recessses on it is composed of a long straight handle with a bottom surface and a part clamped by a fixture, a cutting body with two cutting edges, two filings discharging slots and two grinding surfaces, and its end part with a flat top surface and two cutting arcs. The flat top surface has a knife tip part, inclinations, oblique angles, etc.. The knife tip part has a drilling angle and a milling angle.