Demodulator circuit and demodulation method of radio receiving equipment

Application Number: 00107008
Application Date: 2000.04.24
Publication Number: 1272035
Publication Date: 2000.11.01
Priority Information: 1999/4/22 JP 115122/99
International: H04Q7/14
Applicant(s) Name: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Inventor(s) Name: Matsumoto Hidenori;Hashigaya Mitsuhiko
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Abstract A demodulating circuit 1 contains an electric field level detector 2, comparators 3a to 3n, a detector 5, both a low-pass filter 6 and a digital filter 12 and a data comparator 7. This demodulating circuit 1 further includes a control circuit 4 for controlling a cutoff frequency used in a digital filter 12, an output voltage amplitude of the detector 5, and the reference voltage of the data comparator 7 in accordance with both the electric field strength information PS and control condition information PC saved in an EEPROM 11 and supplied from a CPU 10, and also a judging circuit 9 for judging the digital signal at preselected timing to produce a demodulation signal.