Dry Nitrilon waste water treating process

Application Number  00129461 Application Date  2000.12.28
Publication Number  1361073 Publication Date  2002.07.31
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Applicant(s) Name  Qilu Petrochemical Co., China Petrochemical Group  
Inventor(s) Name  Yang Xiaoyi;Pan Xianfeng;Zhang Fangyin  
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AbstractThe present invention is the treating method of effluent from chemical fiber production. The air floating-AB biological treating process includes the aerobic microbe adsorption in section A and anaerobic-anoxic-aerobic treating process in section B. Through the treatment of the process, effluent with COD 2500 mg/L, turbidity 50 mg/L and sulfate content 1200 mg/L may be treated to COD 50-160 mg/L and NH3 0-15 mg/L, reaching to relevant discharge standard. The present invention is suitable for treatment of dry nitrilon waste water, epoxy chloropropane waste water and other organic waste water with high turbidity, high colloid content, high sulfate content and matter hard to be degraded biologically.