Electric heating body and its preparing process

Application Number  00129431 Application Date  2000.12.20
Publication Number  1360458 Publication Date  2002.07.24
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Applicant(s) Name  Runtai Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd, Weifang  
Inventor(s) Name  Leng Tonggui  
Patent Agency Code  37203 Patent Agent  zhang yuedun
AbstractThe ivnention relates to an electric heater and its preparation method. There are several layers on outer surface of base body of the electric heater, which includes far infrared radiation metal based nano film, a layer of quartz glass powder and a compound conductive nano film of stannic (antimony) oxide. The compound conductive film can excite the far infrared radiation metal based nano film to produce far infrared heat effect with wider range of wavelength and higher radiant intensity. Wavelength of the far infrared radiation is within 3-600 microns. The invented electric heater has features of high thermal efficiency, without any harmful radiation and easy to use.