Electronic digitalizing read method of mechanical runner counter

Application Number: 00105255
Application Date: 2000.04.23
Publication Number: 1312519
Publication Date: 2001.09.12
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International: G06M1/274
Applicant(s) Name: Sun Xiaotang
Inventor(s) Name: Sun Xiaotang
Patent Agency Code: 45104
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Abstract The present invention relates to an electronic digital meter-reading method for integrating metering instruments of kilowatt-meter, gasometer, speedometer and water meter, etc. which is characterized by that every numerical code wheel of the counter is equipped with uniformly-distributed four switching value sensors, every numeral check of periphery of every numerical code wheel can be respectively coated with light-absorbent material or reflecting material according to a certain regularity or partial checks are equipped with magnetic material or magnetic industrial material. Said invention utilizes sensor to judge the position correspondent to the current numerical code of numerical code wheel on the counter and transfer signal, then the signal is undergone the process of shaping treatment to obtain standard digital wave, through computer processing, to implement digital identification to attain the goal of reading meter. Said invention is high in meter-reading accuracy, convenient for use and long in service life.