Epoxy resin solidified microsphere water-base system and its preparation method

Application Number: 00107216
Application Date: 2000.04.28
Publication Number: 1321694
Publication Date: 2001.11.14
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International: C08G59/18;C08L63/00
Applicant(s) Name: Inst. of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Inventor(s) Name: Yang Zhenzhong;Zhu Yan;Xu Jianjun
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Abstract The present invention relates to an epoxy resin solidification microsphere water base system, in the system the weight ratio of epoxy resin solidification microsphere and water is 1:4-7:3, in which the grain size of epoxy resin solidification microsphere is 10 to the power 2 nm-10 to the power 1 micrometer. The epoxy resin and emulsifier are uniformly stirred according to the weight ratio of 10-99.9:0.1-90, and solidified for 1-10 hr. so as to obtain the invented product with features of high strength and good heat-resisting property. It can be used as macromolecular modifier.