Finishing treatment technology for conveying belt of polyester needled conugated paper board

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Application Date: 2000.07.06
Publication Number: 1333170
Publication Date: 2002.01.30
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Applicant(s) Name: Hu Yuansheng
Inventor(s) Name: Hu Yuansheng
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Abstract The present invention relates to the field of transmission strap manufacturing process, in particular it relates to a post-treatment process for conveying and drying corrugated paperboard transmission strap. It is characterized by that said process includes the following steps: firstly, using 8 kg of hexahydroxyresin whose solid content is 40-50%, adding 80-95 kg of water to make dilution; dissolving 0.01-0.03 kg of ammonium chloride or 0.02-0.05 kg of sodium fluroborate in water, and pouring it into the above-mentioned diluted solution, stirring them uniformly, and pumping the obtained liquor into impregnating tank, them making the polyester needle-punched corrugated paperboard transmission straps pass through impregnating liquor of impregnating tank in turn, rolling and drying so as to obtain the invented product.