Flame-retarding metal salt/polyimide composite material

Application Number: 00110357
Application Date: 2000.04.26
Publication Number: 1320660
Publication Date: 2001.11.07
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International: C08K3/10;C08L79/08
Applicant(s) Name: Dalian Inst of Chemicophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Inventor(s) Name: Li Jing;Wang Fudong;Gao Yan
Patent Agency Code: 21002
Patent Agent: zhang chen
Abstract A flame-retarding metal salt/polyimide composite material features that it contains the salt of subgroup B metal or rare-earth metal and polyimide. Its advantages are no influence on the mechanical and thermal performance of original material, high flame-retarding performance increased by 20%, simple preparing process and low cost.