Floculant for treating sewage

Application Number  00129363 Application Date  2000.11.29
Publication Number  1355141 Publication Date  2002.06.26
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Applicant(s) Name  Sun Chuanbin  
Inventor(s) Name  Sun Chuanbin;Lin Pei;Sun Xin  
Patent Agency Code  37100 Patent Agent  jiang meng
AbstractA flocculant for treating sewage is prepared from polyacrylamide (1-40 wt portions), NaCl (1-40), catalyst (5-35) and water (800-1500). The said catalyst is prepared from formaldehyde (10-90 wt. portions), dimethylamine (15-95) and ammonia solution (or urea) (1-80). Its advantages include high speed (1-5) seconds), siple equipment, low cost, and no secondary pollution.