Fuel balance distribution pump

Application Number: 00105070
Application Date: 2000.04.22
Publication Number: 1285462
Publication Date: 2001.02.28
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International: F02M41/14
Applicant(s) Name: Shou Jianqiang
Inventor(s) Name: Shou Jianqiang
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Abstract The present invention discloses a fuel balance distribution pump for multi-cylinder engine, its main technical structure is characterized by that it uses same cam to drive plungers which are arranged in circular permutation in plunger oil-supplying device so as to obtain alternative natural balanced fuel supply in turn. By changing different axial position of cam it can obtain different fuel supply quantities. Said invention mainly is formed from plunger fuel supply device, cam, cam shaft and distributing pump shell body, in which the plunger fuel supply device mainly is formed from housing screw, fuel inlet and outlet valve seat, plunger pair, spring, rubber ring, fastening ring and tapper assembly. Said invention can be matched with multi-cylinder engine.