Fungus beverage and its preparation

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Application Date: 2000.03.30
Publication Number: 1297706
Publication Date: 2001.06.06
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International: A23L2/38
Applicant(s) Name: Yang Shuqiu
Inventor(s) Name: Yang Shuqiu;Wang Qian
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Abstract The fungus beverage is prepared by mixing fermented liquid of pleurotus citrinopileatus, one kind of fungi, with seasoning and stabilizer in reasonable amount. Medicinal and food materials including data, glossy ganoderma and licorice are processed through crushing, heated extraction, filtering and mixing with corn flour, bean cake powder, glucose and yeast to prepare the fermenting culture liquid for pleurotus citrinopileatus. Pleurotus citrinopileatus cultured in the fermenting culture liquid is ground, filtered, mixed with seasoning and stabilizer, homoginized, disinfected and packed to produce the fungus beverage.