Gunuy cloth art photo making method

Application Number: 00110641
Application Date: 2000.07.06
Publication Number: 1280070
Publication Date: 2001.01.17
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International: B44C3/08;B44C5/06
Applicant(s) Name: Zhang Jiang
Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Jiang;Li Changbai
Patent Agency Code: 23101
Patent Agent: wu zhengang
Abstract By means of computer technology, a high-grade artistic gunny cloth photo may be made up without need of dark room operation and without producing secondary pollution. Gunny cloth photo in unique style is natural and may be preserved for a long time. It is made up through the technolgical steps of gunny cloth treatment, forming image document with digital camera or scanning instrument, which can be output to a printer, regulating printer parameters and printing the image document on treated gunny cloth.