Highly oriented sheet-shaped pigment and making process thereof

Application Number  00128514 Application Date  2000.09.30
Publication Number  1296042 Publication Date  2001.05.23
Priority Information   1999/10/5 JP 283749/1999  
Applicant(s) Name  Merck Patent GmbH  
Inventor(s) Name  Nita Katsuhisa;Lee Bang-Yeong  
Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  huang shuhui
AbstractThe invention relates to a highly orientated flaky pigment being excellent in plane orientation (leafing effect), wherein a hydrated metal oxide and one or more fluorine-containing phosphates represented by the general formulae (A) and (B) shown in below or salts thereof are covered on the surface of a flaky pigment with a pearl gloss. The general formulae: (RfCnH2nO)mPO(OM)3-m (RfSO2NRCnH2nO)mPO(OM)3-m wherein Rf is the same or different and represents linear or branched C3 to C21 perfluoroalkyl group or perfluoroxyalkyl group, n is 1 to 12, m is 1 to 3, M represents hydrogen, alkali metal, ammonium group or substituted ammonium group, and R represents hydrogen or C1 to C3 alkyl group. A process for producing said pigment in a wet process is also disclosed.