Image correction system for programmable optical plotter

Application Number: 00107456
Application Date: 2000.05.16
Publication Number: 1324002
Publication Date: 2001.11.28
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International: G03B27/72
Applicant(s) Name: Tang Hui
Inventor(s) Name: Tang Hui
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Abstract An image calibration system of programmable light drawing machine includes rotary drum, coder, calibrating circuit and laser light sourece in which the calibrating circuit consists of phase lock ring, programmable counter, sampling counter, lock storage and MPU, FLASHROM. The system works as to form the grid image stored in the computer onto the drum of the light drawing machin by laser lighe source, to adjust on-off impulse VDO-CLK frequency of laser light sourece for reaching the aim of adjusting the image by setting the frequency dividing ratio of programmable counter. The frequency dividing ratio data will be stored in FLASHROM. The sampling cycle of sampling counter will determine the numbers of impulse in interval for one time of calibration. When the sampling counter is interrupted, the MPU will read out the data value in FLASHROM and to store in into lock storage as well as to set it into programmable counter to change the frequency dividing ratio. Thus the aim of adjusting the image can be reached only by setting the data of frequency dividing ratio in the FLASHROM.