In-situ deposited steel reinforced concrete hollow roof and its construction process

Application Number: 00113288
Application Date: 2000.02.25
Publication Number: 1310276
Publication Date: 2001.08.29
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International: E04B5/23
Applicant(s) Name: Qiu Zeyou
Inventor(s) Name: Qiu Zeyou
Patent Agency Code: 43008
Patent Agent: zhao hong
Abstract The steel reinforced concrete hollow roof consists of steel bar, concrete, hard hollow thin-wall members, steel skeleton, etc. Its construction process includes installing steel skeleton with two ends being set on bearing walls; erecting formwork and spreading molding plates or detachable formwork; spreading steel bar and installing built-in fitting; laying hard hollow thin-wall members; depositing, tamping and curing concrete; and detaching formwork. With the advantages of great bearing capacity, high vibration strength and easy construction, the process of the present invention is especially suitable for in-situ deposition of floor board for high-rise building and large span structure.