Interactive electronic multimedia house-selling system and its creating method

Application Number: 00110648
Application Date: 2000.07.13
Publication Number: 1334535
Publication Date: 2002.02.06
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International: G06F9/445;G06F17/60
Applicant(s) Name: Du Fengxiang
Inventor(s) Name: Du Fengxiang
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Abstract An interactive multimedia electronic system for selling building and a method to produce the system are disclosed. The three dimensions stereograph is made by computer software from two dimensions blue print designed. Then the related materials and colors are added and furnitures, decorations etc. in three dimensions are put in suitable places according to architecture requirement. Also computer software does light-shadow processing, synthesizes three dimensions scene. Animation software does motion picture processing providing with roaming effect. The optical disc is produced with commentary and background music being added. The invention is capable of exhibiting the building that will be completed in future to the building buyer visually, it is beneficial for both of building developer to sell building and buyer to buy the building.