Internal screw copper pipe machining process and its special apparatus

Application Number: 00119013
Application Date: 2000.10.10
Publication Number: 1347775
Publication Date: 2002.05.08
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International: B21D35/00;B21H3/08
Applicant(s) Name: Suzhou Canghuan Electromechanical Industry Co., Ltd.
Inventor(s) Name: Zhou Zhihong;Yan Rui
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Abstract The present invention features that the copper pipe after being annealed in an in-situ annealing apparatus is fed to an inner screw forming machine directly for forming inner screw. The integration of the in-situ annealing apparatus and the inner screw forming machine results in less apparatus covered area, the omishion of material collecting basket for the annealing apparatus, the material basket for the inner screw forming machine, bender and straightener, and low cost.