Ixeris chinensis beverage

Application Number: 00109231
Application Date: 2000.06.19
Publication Number: 1275344
Publication Date: 2000.12.06
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International: A23L2/02;A23L2/52
Applicant(s) Name: Su Hefa
Inventor(s) Name: Su Hefa
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Abstract The present invention relates to an Ixeris denticulata beverage product, and is characterized by that a proper quantity of primary juice of Ixeris denticulata, nutrient health-care wine, water, sugar, citric acid, essence and Chinese herbal medicine are mixed, and made into the invented Ixeris denticulatea nutrient health-care wine, Ixeris denticulata health-care beverage, Ixeris denticulata powder and Ixeris denticulata sugar-lowering beverage. Said invention can make people conveniently take effective nutrients of Ixeris denticulata beverage at all seasons.