Jinzhi health-care beverage

Application Number: 00107183
Application Date: 2000.05.12
Publication Number: 1303631
Publication Date: 2001.07.18
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International: A23L1/28;A23L2/38
Applicant(s) Name: Qian Shiliang
Inventor(s) Name: Qian Shiliang
Patent Agency Code: 35101
Patent Agent: zhou hui
Abstract The present invention belongs to the field of food processing technology, in particular it relates to an edible fungus beverage processing industry. Said invention is mainly characterized by utilizing self-body nutrient components of several edible mushrooms to prepare the invented health-care beverage richly containing amino acids (up to 27 kinds, in which lysine and aiginine contents are exceedingly high), adenine-nucleoside phosphate, polysaccharide peptide, nucleoprotein and vitamins. Said invented product can raise endurance of human body, eliminate fatigue, increase juvenile and child body height, and can be used for preventing and cuing hepatic disease, gastric ulcer and common cold with good therapeutic effect.