Liquid fuel adaptable to various combustion system

Application Number: 00109328
Application Date: 2000.06.01
Publication Number: 1327032
Publication Date: 2001.12.19
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International: C10L1/04
Applicant(s) Name: Chen Honglin
Inventor(s) Name: Chen Honglin
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Patent Agent: huang jian
Abstract The liquid fuel has high heat value, high volatility, low pollution and low cost and is compounded by using coarse pentane to dissolve heavy oil. The fuel compounded with material in different ratio is suitable for combustion system in different type. The coarse pentane may be substituted by other alkanes with low cost, low octane number and high volatility. The fuel may become the substitute for diesel oil and is superior to common diesel oil in that in has full gasifying, excellent combustion performance, and thus less waste gas exhaust and less environmental pollution.