Mechanically modulated WDM transmitting and receiving module

Application Number: 00107741
Application Date: 2000.05.25
Publication Number: 1326104
Publication Date: 2001.12.12
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International: G02B26/02;G02F1/136
Applicant(s) Name: Li Yunyan
Inventor(s) Name: Tu Xiangzheng;Li Yunyan
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Abstract A technology for preparing Fabry-Perot photomechanical modulator and the WDM transmitting-receiving module is disclosed. Said Fabry-Perot cavity is formed by etching on three-layer polysilicon structure. The flexible film of modulator is formed by top layer of polysilicon. The middle layer of silicon is converted to porous polysilicon and then etched out to make the top layer of polysilicon is suspended state. A conic optical fibre jack is integrated in the silicon chip under said multi-layer structure. The inserted optical fibre can be automatically aligned to the photoelectric detector in cavity.