Method and apparatus for refining materials containing components easy to polymerize

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Application Date: 2000.04.05
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Publication Date: 2000.10.11
Priority Information: 1999/4/5 JP 97893/99
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Inventor(s) Name: Nishimura Takashi;Matsumoto Yuchihiro
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Abstract A method for refining an easily polymerizable matter while preventing an easily polymerizable matter-containing substance from being polymerized and an apparatus for use in the method are disclosed. The method and apparatus for refining and separating the easily polymerizable matter-containing substance by the use of a distillation column provided with a heat exchanger set the linear velocity of a vapor in a connecting line intervening between the distillation column and the heat exchanger at a level of not less than 5 m per second and the retention time of the vapor at a level of not more than 3 seconds.