Method and system for editing operating image data and providing target imformation acording to the data

Application Number: 00123661
Application Date: 2000.08.25
Publication Number: 1295287
Publication Date: 2001.05.16
Priority Information: 1999/11/9 KR 49526/1999
International: G06F15/163
Applicant(s) Name: Chang Yong-Gyo
Inventor(s) Name: Chang Yong-Gyo
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Abstract A method for providing object information. The method comprises the steps of: (a) compressing the moving image data; (b) storing the compressed moving image frames (CMIFs); (c) extracting frames from the compressed moving image frames (CMIF); (d) inserting one or more events at corresponding predetermined positions thereby supply modified frames (MFs); (e) storing the MFs; (f) at the server's end, offering an initial information page (IIP) to a user; (g) at the user's end, based on the IIP, choosing a desired program (DP); (h) at the server's end, providing the DP the user; and (i) at the server's end, when the user selects a desired frame among frames of the CMIFs, supplying one or more matched MFs corresponding to the selected desired frame wherein the matched MF is a closest MF.