Method for accurate identifying eight-digit code of various kinds of baterium of enterobacter

Application Number  00129411 Application Date  2000.12.13
Publication Number  1358865 Publication Date  2002.07.17
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Applicant(s) Name  Kong Qinglian  
Inventor(s) Name  Kong qinglian;Yu Xiujuan;Guo Zhenhe  
Patent Agency Code  37100 Patent Agent  jiang meng
AbstractThe 8-bit code accurate determination method of various bacteria of enteric bacilli includes the following steps: ordering 24 biochemical reactions of indole, methyl red and others which can act on various bacteria of enteric bacilli, dividing them into 8 groups and making standard reagent strips, according to the positive or negative result produced by every biochemical reaction to act on some bacterium, forming 8-bit standard code, then centralizing all the standard codes to make standard code book or computer application program to implement accurate determination.