Method for continuously producing light wall panel

Application Number: 00109347
Application Date: 2000.05.31
Publication Number: 1272420
Publication Date: 2000.11.08
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International: B28B13/02;B28C5/00
Applicant(s) Name: Xia Yuling
Inventor(s) Name: Xia Yuling
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Abstract A continuous production process of light-wt. wall panel includes two steps: first step, preparing intemediate mother granules, adding water and cement powder in vibration disk granulating machine according to a certain proportion and applying them on the foamed polystyrene granules for forming a layer of cement shell on the said ganules, then mixing these granules with cement slurry in extrusion shaping machine, further undergoing perforating, extruding and cutting so as to obtain the invented light-wt. wall panel. Said invention can implement continuous production, and can raise product quality and reduce production cost greatly.