Method for making cement fibre board

Application Number: 00109442
Application Date: 2000.06.23
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Publication Date: 2001.08.22
Priority Information: 2000/2/15 JP 37078/2000
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Inventor(s) Name: Suzuki Shinichi;Okubo Yoshiharu;Watanabe Hiroshi
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Abstract A method for manufacturing cement fiber sheets is by supplying slurry primarily including fibers and cement as main material components onto a permeable sheet, and suctioning and dewatering the slurry. The manufacturing method includes a foreign matter removing operation for removing foreign matter in the slurry material before supplying it to the permeable sheet, a thickness control operation for bringing the slurry to a specified thickness after the foreign matter removing process, and a leveling operation for smoothing the slurry surface after the thickness control process. Thus, treatment for foreign matter contained in slurry as well as thickness control, is throughly carried out, so that the product surface quality is ensured.