Method for making magnetic recording medium

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Application Date: 2000.06.14
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Publication Date: 2001.02.28
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Abstract An inexpensive high-density recording medium which is increased in coercive force without using expensive ferromagnetic metallic layer. In a magnetic recording medium on the base body of which a ferromagnetic metallic layer is formed on a base body with a metallic underlying layer in between and which utilizes reversal of magnetization, the oxygen concentration in the ferromagnetic metallic layer is 100 wt. ppm or less, and in addition, oxygen concentration in the metallic base layer is also 100 wt. ppm or less. In a method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium on the base body of which the metallic base layer and ferromagnetic metallic layer are successively formed by sputtering, the impurity concentration of Ar gas used for the formation of the layer is 10 ppb or less. Before forming the metallic base layer, in addition, the surface of the base body is cleaned by high-frequency sputtering using Ar gas the impurity concentration of which is 10 ppb and surface section of the base body is partially removed to a depth of 0.2-1 nm.