Method for preparing thixotropic agent and its application

Application Number: 00108188
Application Date: 2000.04.29
Publication Number: 1272518
Publication Date: 2000.11.08
Priority Information: 1999/4/29 DE 19919482.3
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Applicant(s) Name: Byk Chemical GmbH
Inventor(s) Name: K. Haubenister;U. A. Auels
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Abstract The invention relates to a process for preparing a solution that is active as a thixotropic agent and contains urea urethanes, in which monohydroxyl compounds are reacted with an excess of toluene diisocyanate, the unreacted portion of the toluene diisocyanate is removed from the reaction mixture and the monosiocyanate adduct obtained is further reacted with diarines in the presence of a lithium salt to form urea urethanes. The invention also relates to the use of the solution for imparting thixotropic properties to coating compounds.