Method for separating synthetic parts and course of producing film

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Application Date: 2000.04.30
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Publication Date: 2000.11.08
Priority Information: 2000/4/24 JP 122569/2000; 1999/4/30 JP 124744/1999
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Inventor(s) Name: Omi Kazuaki;Nakagawa Kokki;Sato Nobuhiko
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Abstract To cause a crack at a fixed position in a separation layer, a method of separating a composite member comprises the steps of forming a separation layer inside a composite member, forming inside the separation layer a stress riser layer in which an in-plane stress has concentratedly been produced to an extent that does not cause separation by the in-plane stress, and enlarging the in-plane stress to cause a crack in the stress riser layer, thereby separating the composite member.