Method of preparing cobelt chloride with colbalt slag containing Fe and Mg

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Application Date: 2000.08.15
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Publication Date: 2002.02.27
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International: C01G51/08
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Abstract The production method of cobalt chloride by using cobalt slag containing iron and manganese includes the folloiwng steps: dissolivng cobalt slag in acid, when the acid-solution is reached to reaction end point, adding a proper quantity of oxidant, using needle ironstone precipitation method to treat reaction liquor to remove iron, adding permanganate to iron-removed filtrate to make Mn (II) being in reaction liquor be oxidated, and made into manganese dioxide, the recovery rate of manganese being in solution is greater than 98%, and recovery rate of manganese being in cobalt slag is greater than 85%, the adding dicarbonate in manganese-removed filtrate to obtain cobalt carbonate, and the recovery rate of cobalt is greater than 95%. The cobalt carbonate can be undergone the processes of hydrochloric acid dissolving, concentrating and crystallizing, and the purity of coblat chloride crystal is above 95%. It is specially applicable to prepare cobalt chloride by uisng cobalt slag produced by using low-pressure carbonylation to synthesize phenylacetic acid, and its by-product manganese dioxide can be used as resource.