Moisture-preservation growth-promoting agent for plant

Application Number  00128201 Application Date  2000.12.13
Publication Number  1358821 Publication Date  2002.07.17
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Applicant(s) Name  Tianjin Tiankai Electric Appliances Complete Set Equipment Saltes Center  
Inventor(s) Name  Li Shuyuan  
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AbstractThe present invention relates to a produt with the functions of absorbing water, retaining fertilizer, promoting growth of plant and improving soil. It is made up (by weight portion) 1-1.5 portions of silicate magnesium powder, 2-4.5 portions of 400-1000 times sodium polyacrylate resin, I portion of urea and 3-4 portions of silica snad and sea sand whose water content is 8-10% as carrier through a certain preparation process. It is a good plant growth promotor product.