Multi-colour antifalse bill

Application Number: 00110802
Application Date: 2000.01.07
Publication Number: 1303779
Publication Date: 2001.07.18
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International: B42D15/10;G09F3/02
Applicant(s) Name: Zhang Yuanxi
Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Yuanxi
Patent Agency Code: 37100
Patent Agent: jiang meng
Abstract A multicolour antifake bill is composed of stub part, receipt part, second stub part and account part, every part has the oneself colour, all the parts are different in colour, in addition to different colours for every part, it also has the colour of adjacent part. The above-mentioned bill parts are overlapped together in sequence. As compared with existent technology, it features reasonable design, simple structure, easy production, convenient application and can possess good antifake effect.