Novel substituted dimeric compounds, its preparing process and medicinal compsns. containing same

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Application Date: 2000.03.24
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Publication Date: 2000.11.22
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Inventor(s) Name: D. Leicier;S. Yoss;C. Deskanps-Franks
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Abstract The invention relates to compounds of formula (I) A-G1-Cy-G2-Cy-G3-B: wherein A represents NR1C(Q)R2, C(Q)NR2R3 or NR1C(Q)NR2R3, B represents NR1C(Q)R2, C(Q)NR2R3, NR1C(Q)NR2R3, C(Q)OR1, NR1C(Q)OR2 or NR2R3, G1 and G3 represent an optionally substituted alkylene chain, Gy represents a ring structureand, G2 represents a chainand medicinal products containing the same.