Nucleic acid target molecule parllel screening and amplification method

Application Number: 00110882
Application Date: 2000.02.04
Publication Number: 1285413
Publication Date: 2001.02.28
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International: C12Q1/68
Applicant(s) Name: Wu Chang
Inventor(s) Name: Wu Chang;Wu Ming
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Abstract The present invention celates to a nucleic acid target molecule parallel screening and amplification method, and is characterized by that before screening, making the nucleic acid molecule in nucleic acid sample implement fragmentation and implementing terminal modification and amplification, then using the nucleic acid molecule which is fixed on solid surface randomly and is complementary with target molecule, i,e, screening molecule to screen out target molecule, finally, using a pair of primers to amplifying and label the screened target molecule. Said invention can simultaneously screen a large quantity of different target molecules, and raise its screening and amplification efficiency, and can save lots of labous and material, and can prevent interaction between several primers and ensure molecule detection accuracy.