Pilot channel tracking method based on multipath channel energy window gravity center tracking loop

Application Number  00128222 Application Date  2000.12.18
Publication Number  1332541 Publication Date  2002.01.23
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Inventor(s) Name  Zhao Chunming;Guo Jinghong;You Xiaohu  
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AbstractThe pilot channel tracking method based on multipath energy window includes three steps of: to estimate multipath fading channel parameters; to calculate multipath energy window center; and to peform loop filtering and regulate the phase of spectrum spreading sequence code. Without need of tracking the individual tracking to each delay path, the method can raise the tracking performance and periodic restoring stability of frequency spreading receiver. The track to several pilot signals of signal sources needs only the time division multiplexing of a multipath channel estimator and a multipath energy window center calculating circuit, resulting in saving in the hardware resource of receiver in matching with other parts to constitute complete coherent frequency spreading receiver.