Pipe-sinking apparatus to form hole and casting method to form pile for soft-foundation engineering

Application Number: 00105282
Application Date: 2000.04.06
Publication Number: 1316569
Publication Date: 2001.10.10
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International: E02D5/38;E02D5/66
Applicant(s) Name: Lin Changsong
Inventor(s) Name: Lin Changsong
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Abstract An equipment to make a hole by digging out the soil for pipeline sinking in the soft foundation engineering includes inner and outer sleeves, jacketed sleeve consisting of inner pipe, outer pipe and sealing cover, the inner sleeve connecting with inside wall of the jacketed sleeve inner pipe, the outer sleeve connecting with outside wall of the jacketed sleeve outer pipe. After the pipeline sinking the sealed jacketed sleeve with dig out the soil within the cavity between the inside of jacketed sleeve and outerpipe to make a circle pile hole which will be poured into with the concrete to form a hollow pile.