Plaster for dispelling wind-evil and wetness-evil and stopping pain

Application Number: 00107191
Application Date: 2000.05.15
Publication Number: 1277032
Publication Date: 2000.12.20
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International: A61K33/24;A61K33/28;A61K35/78;A61P29/00
Applicant(s) Name: Yu Dingwei
Inventor(s) Name: Yu Dingwei
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Abstract The plaster is prepared with Herba Siegesbeckiae, frankincense, ginger, Semen brassicae, banksia rose and other Chinese medicinal materials as well as proper amount of minium and sesame oil. It has specific curative effect on arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder joint, strain of lumber muscles, ischias, hyperosteogeny and other disease.